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I’m Mike, and a desire to help others led me to practise massage and teach Pilates. 
Many hours spent talking to people who were treating many injuries I sustained whilst playing rugby and distance running, awakened my enthusiasm to learn how to help others to avoid injury, or to recover as quickly and effectively as possible. Pilates works for me, which is why I now teach it. 


I work independently in Private Practice 
I currently work from 2 locations in Brackley, attracting patients and clients from South Northamptonshire, North Oxfordshire and North Buckinghamshire. I also travel occasionally to patients and clients in South Bucks. You are not able to receive my services on the NHS, so people come to me for help with pain and aches. As a trained professional, I am able to help you when you are held back from doing something just because the pain is too much. Book a treatment, join a Pilates class, or arrange a personal trainer appointment with me through Chiltern Bodymatters. 
Pain ruins quality of life, so don’t put up with it any longer; contact Chiltern Bodymatters to book a treatment, join a class or just call me to discuss what we can do about it. 


I first qualified as a massage therapist in 1995. 
In 2000 and again in 2001, I received diplomas from the prestigious London School of Sports Massage, in both sports massage and remedial massage. In 2004, I qualified as a Pilates instructor with the Body Control Pilates Academy. I am continually updating this knowledge through courses, workshops, and conferences, and have worked in UK athletics with British teams and individuals. 


I am a full member of The Sports Massage Association and The Body Control Pilates Association. 
Both of these bodies are at the forefront in seeking national registration for their members. Pilates achieved national registration in February 2006, with Body Control Pilates Academy as the first school not only to meet the registration requirements in full, but even at the basic level, to exceed them. Most of the therapists working in the GB clinical team at 2012 London Olympics were SMA member 

  Contact me when you are injured or suffer from aching joints to book a remedial massage.   

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