I provide Soft Tissue Therapy, which includes various forms of massage, soft manipulations, and stretching.  

Whether you are feeling stressed, have an injury problem or a pain then look no further than effective massage treatments from Chiltern Bodymatters. 
Treatments include advice on stretching and remedial exercises. 
As an experienced Pilates Teacher, I assess posture as part of my initial consultation, and will offer advice with regard as to how it might impact on symptoms or sports performance, and also how the patient might change this. 

What to Expect during a Treatment  

The first treatment involves a consultation where I make written notes of relevant medical history, and an assessment is then made of what treatment may be necessary, including any appropriate referral to another practitioner such as a GP or an osteopath. 
Treatments can be performed anywhere, with the patient in any position, but are generally easier and more effective on an adjustable plinth in a clinic. It is also generally more effective (but not essential) to work directly through the skin. The patient is asked to remove as much clothing as is necessary, and that they are comfortable to remove. Areas of the body not being worked on remain covered with towels. For massage, an unscented hypoallergenic lotion is what is generally used. 

Treatment Details 

Sports massage is a firm treatment, but should not be uncomfortable so you are able to relax. This communication between patient and practitioner is essential to achieve the right level of treatment. You should not hesitate to say when you are unhappy with any aspect of the treatment.  
Although a considerable improvement may frequently be achieved following the first treatment, it may be necessary to have a few more for a lasting benefit. The more you are able to help yourself by doing the stretches and exercises prescribed, and through advice given to modify your posture or training, then the fewer treatments you should need and the quicker your body will return to good function 
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