CHILTERN BODYMATTERS  I am Mike Ker, and as a fully qualified and experienced Soft Tissue Therapist and Pilates Teacher, I work to provide solutions to pain, injury and movement issues for my patients and clients.  

My clients include those that might seek help from other manual therapists, such as Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. Pain really limits quality of life, but can only be resolved by seeking out the cause, and treating that, not just the symptoms. 
My approach is holistic, and I use both Pilates and hands on treatment to achieve better muscle function and balance, which should restore correct movement. 

 Mission Statement   

  Empowering YOU to Do the Things that YOU Want to Do... 

Pain, injury, poor movement, and bad posture are all linked, and all can restrict what you do and how you do it, from just trying to get up in the morning, right up to trying to win a medal in a major championship. I can help you to resolve these issues. 
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